Dear Sister Wood 
Created by Alyssa Wood 

This is something that's an easy way for friends, family, and strangers to keep up with the life of a Sister Missionary. The before, during, and after. It's been one crazy ride so far, and can't wait for what else is in store. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Where have you been called to serve?
West Virginia Charleston Mission.

What language are you speaking?
English. Honestly it was a relief when I read that because, although I said I was extremely willing to learn a language, when it comes to teaching the gospel, it makes it 100x easier and not as stressful!

When will you be serving?
August 14, 2013 - February 14, 2015. Approximately.
I enter the Provo MTC on August 14th (3 days after I turn 20, just saying) and will go from there.

When did you create your mission blog? 
 February 1st, 2013.

How old are you?
19, but not for too much longer.

When is your birthday?
August 11th

Why a mission blog?
My main purpose for a mission blog was to showcase the before, during, and after of a mission from a sister missionary's experience and point of view with the hope of helping others that are planning on serving.

What made you want to serve?
Initially I think it was the LDS missionary age change announced back in October 2012. You can read it HERE. (If you want to know in detail about my decision, hit the link below, under 'how did you know...?')

How did you know a mission was for you?
Personally, it's a long story (which you can read about HERE), in short though, I could see in my life how everything I had gone through in the last year and a half was for the soul purpose of Heavenly Father letting me know that it is the best thing for me right now.

Do you ever feel scared to serve?
Of course! I have fleeting moments of nervousness but I just take those moments to remind myself why I am serving. My Lord and Savior loves me and wants others to feel just as loved by Him as I do and I know that the only way for them to feel that way is for me to teach them and then I am okay again.

Any advice for those who are nervous or scared to serve?
Just remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! God called you to do His work because He trusts you. I know whenever I get stressed thinking about my mission, I just think about how Heavenly Father would never give me those feelings of fear because He is the Comforter and Shepard of His Flock (us). He is all about Peace and Light. It's the Devil that sends feelings of insecurity and doubt and then I feel better knowing that I am doing something so special that the Devil is trying to get me to stop. Basically, show Satan who is boss!  You are stronger than him! I mean, hey! You earned a body and mortal life and he didn't! If anyone is a failure, it's Satan and he is just trying to get you to feel the way he does, but you have the Light of Christ with you :) Also, pray. A lot. And, keep your head up! You are doing HIS work.

**Any other questions you want answered and posted on this page? Email Sister Alyssa Wood

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