Sunday, March 3, 2013

when times are tough

Since I have started my mission papers (22 days left until I can put them in, YAY!!) I have definitely felt like the devil has been on my heels trying to get me to doubt myself and it's been difficult and it's made me weary but I keep going as best I can.

One thing that I have realized has helped keep me going is prayer. Literally there are some nights that I get so tired of being hassled by the devil with feelings of inadequacy, doubt, confusion, and sadness that I have to sit down and when I try to stand up again I can't. So I turn to prayer, I'm already down, so I might as well.

I kneel and offer a very simple prayer, pleading the Lord to give me just enough strength to get through the rest of the day, and although the devil makes me feel insignificant, the Lord thinks I am special enough to listen to my prayer and gives me the strength I ask for. This may mean nothing to you, but prayer to me is so important and I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for taking the time to listen to me.

I also started Mission Prep last week and Temple Prep this week. I can't tell you how excited I feel. I am not one that would be considered "outgoing" so I am slightly nervous about talking to tons of people but my happiness and excited levels always outweigh those thoughts of nervousness and that is when I really feel this is the right thing. I am following the Lord's Plan for me, not my own.

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