Saturday, February 2, 2013

the start of a spiritual journey

"I am pleased to announce that effective immediately all worthy and able young men who have graduated from high school or its equivalent, regardless of where they live, will have the option of being recommended for missionary service beginning at the age of 18, instead of age 19. I am not suggesting that all young men will—or should—serve at this earlier age. Rather, based on individual circumstances as well as upon a determination by priesthood leaders, this option is now available.

As we have prayerfully pondered the age at which young men may begin their missionary service, we have also given consideration to the age at which a young woman might serve. Today I am pleased to announce that able, worthy young women who have the desire to serve may be recommended for missionary service beginning at age 19, instead of age 21." --Thomas S. Monson

It took me all about 5 seconds after hearing the age change announcement to decide in my heart that I was going on a mission but I knew I wasn't quite ready and my parents weren't going to be ready to let me go either.

That was in October 2012.

It's February 2013.

My parents have finally accepted that they can let me go.

I have started the process of putting my Mission Papers in but I won't put them in until April 1st. That's no joke. I know bad timing, but that way I can put my availability as August 1st!! Yay!

I'm too excited but I thought that I could tell you all about my preparation, my mission letters home, and being back as a returned missionary all through this blog. Hopefully you get as much out of this journey/adventure as I do!

Here is to spreading the Gospel!!

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