Tuesday, April 9, 2013

mission call prediction

So I can no longer sleep at night, or any other time of day for that matter because my call comes tomorrow. Wait... what? Yup, you heard right...

I. Can't. Wait! Seriously, I can't.

My head won't stop talking to itself about how excited it is that it is coming. And it keeps pointing out to me that the next chapter of my life is soon going to be dealt out to me. I honestly just want to go where the Lord wants me to go but my mind has a hard time wrapping itself around the idea that the whole thing is a surprise. Basically it is frustrated it doesn't already know what is inside. Making it clear that the hardest thing about waiting until tomorrow... is not knowing.

BUT! In other news, I finally got a world map that my Dad and I have hung on the wall in our kitchen nook where I can stare at it all pensive and stuff while I eat breakfast each morning until my call will be opened. We will have everyone put down a little post-it strip, with their name on it, on a state-side guess and a out-of-state (foriegn) guess.

Out of the seven family members, 3 out of the seven, are betting on Canada for foriegn  (mostly Vancouver and Edmonton). I have another guess for Fiji and I my self guessed Perth, Australia (my baby sister and Mom still haven't put their guesses down yet, if you were doing the math).

As far as state-side goes I have mostly West Coast (Washington, Oregon) and East Coast (Georgia). Again, for myself I am guessing Dallas, Texas. And most are still trying to decide. The rest of you who are coming will get your chance as well. It's so interesting to see where everyone can see me going and to compare with everyone. I might want to frame the map with all the stickies when I am done. What do you think?

1 day, 9 hours, and 3 minutes until I will know!
Not that I am counting...

PS. Although my family does *NOT bet, my sisters (Shaelie and Camille) are "betting" between what kind of climate I will be called to. Camille says the more tropical or hot (humid). Shaelie on the other hand disagrees and says I am going somewhere cold, her examples were, "something like Russia or Canada." haha silly girls!

*If betting were real in my family, it would be with cookies ;)

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