Tuesday, April 23, 2013

one more semester

When I decided to serve a mission, I had to agree to a couple minor "terms and conditions" with my parents. They are always watching out for me. I dearly love them for it. But, it was frustrating at first because they had told me I needed to finish out the school year and earn my Associate's before I could serve.

I just wanted to leave. To go out and serve and I couldn't take waiting almost eleven months before I could leave. All because of schooool...? My initial reaction was NO WAY, but it quickly changed to okay, I can do that.

I'm really glad I have stuck it out this far. I started my last spring semester yesterday and since then I have had all five of my classes once and I love them. All of them. A little too much. I am blessed, truly blessed. I say that because every class I have somehow tied to my mission and helping me become better as a student, a sister missionary, as a human mortal being and I couldn't be more excited. Plus, school is a way to build study habits that will be very useful in the mission field. Keeping it fresh and ingrained people!

I'm warming up to the idea that I will be okay waiting until August to serve. My time here in Rexburg looks hopefully in becoming very beneficial and it will make time fly, I'm sure of that. But it will also be extremely challenging and demanding. A perfect opportunity to hone in on some stress relieving skills. I want to be able to take charge of my anxiety and stress so that I can be the most effective while out on my mission and quite honestly, the rest of my life.

Basically, I am trying to say that this semester was divinely handed to me to become a better person, but ultimately a better missionary and disciple of Christ. I couldn't be more blessed with the heaven sent chance of spiritual and intellectual growth before serving. I am learning to look for the good in every situation, and I am quite satisfied!

PS for anyone who was wondering, I am taking these classes at Brigham Young University - Idaho:
FDENG201 Advanced Writing/ Critical Thinking
FDREL130 Mission Preparation
COMM102 Public Speaking
FDREL200 Family Foundations
ENG356 Young Adult Literature 

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