Wednesday, April 24, 2013

take the challenge

This morning as I walked into Missionary Prep, a girl that had been in the 7:45 am class, said, "Keep an open mind, Celine." Then she walked out. Celine was the girl sitting next to me, we had found that we were in a few classes together but she had this huge look of confusion on her face. We laughed it off because we had no idea what she was talking about.

Class was great! We sang, prayed, had a few VERY powerful testimonies shared, sang some more and then delved right into PMG and D&C 4. It was so powerful, reading and talking about the purpose and power we have as missionaries. The spirit was so strong and we lost track of time. Ten minutes before class was to end my Professor, Brother Clark, gave us a challenge.

The Challenge: Read one whole book in the Book of Mormon in.... a day.... for fourteen days.

That's right folks, read the whole Book of Mormon in fourteen days. Wish me luck because I am a pretty slow reader but I am going to attempt it and I know that there will be many blessings if I can accomplish this.

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